Care Training Courses, CQC Compliance Support and Pre/Post Inspection audits for Health and Adult Social Care.

Welcome to W & P Assessment and Training Centre where we hope you will find a range of services which will enhance your compliance with the robust regulatory and legislative requirements within the Adult Health and Social Care Sector.

As a leading UK supplier of comprehensive care training courses we can offer a variety of services and care training packages for care homes, nursing homes and other residential and domiciliary settings. All fully conform to meet Care Quality Commission (CQC) legislation.

CQC Compliance Training and Support Courses

CQC Compliance Support - Achieve, Maintain, Improve your Compliance

Maintaining and improving compliance is a major problem when running and managing a busy Health & Social care business. The introduction of the 5 key domains means that CQC has a different approach to inspection by following the Key Line of Enquiry. Health and Social care businesses need to understand how this inspection process links to their services and put plans in place to ensure you can attain or maintain a "Good" or "Outstanding" rating on each of the 5 domains. The sheer volume of legislative changes within the sector makes it difficult for providers to keep up to date, so we at W&P do the hard work for you. The services we have developed are regularly reviewed, updated and monitored to ensure they reflect current practice and Care Quality Commission Regulations for Registered Providers of Regulated Activities.

Select a CQC Support Service

We are always available for advice and guidance regarding any of our services. Please feel free to ring and discuss, in confidence, any aspect of your business where you feel we can be of assistance.

CQC Compliance Workshop

A comprehensive range of Health & Social Care short courses is also available. Visit our "health and social care courses" page for full details.

Audits and Accredited Audits

W&P develops its products and services by carefully monitoring legislative activity at government level but also by obtaining feedback from our large customer base. As a result we have developed our Audit Services to help Business Owners and Managers understand where their service may be deficient against the Standards and help them develop robust plans to improve. However we also help our customers to identify areas of best practice so that they can be used to cascade improvements in other areas of the business to maintain their rating. Our Accredited Audits moves the process to another level and are carried out in accordance with the European ISO Quality Standard. These audits are designed to help providers achieve or maintain a level of excellence that results in an "outstanding" rating against each key domain. These audits can only be carried out by an IRCA (International Register of Certified Auditors) and will publically demonstrate your organisations commitment to delivering the highest quality of service.
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QCF Diploma in Health and Social Care

Since 2001 W&P have been delivering health and social care diplomas (formerly NVQs in care) within residential and domiciliary care settings.

Our powerful learning options for QCF Diplomas in Health & Social Care result in maintaining high completion rates for our learners.

We take pride in the comprehensive and well-structured support we offer our learners during their diplomas in care. This ensures they gain their qualification which can enhance their career progression opportunities.

Our Commitment...
We have a dedicated team of colleagues, with a diverse range of backgrounds and knowledge all with years of experience within Nursing, Residential and Domiciliary services with parallel training experience and "hands on" practice within the Nursing, Residential and Domiciliary Sectors. We are committed to helping learners achieve their chosen QCF Diploma in Health & Social Care.