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Mon December 5 2016

First Aid Awareness

Course Content

1. Initial action in a health emergency
2. The importance of keeping records
3. Aims of first aid
4. Severe bleeding
5. Cardiac arrest
6. Shock
7. Faints. Loss of consciousness
8. Epileptic seizure
9. Choking and difficulty with breathing
10. Fractures
11. Burns and scalds
12. Poisoning
13. Electrocution
14. The recovery position
15. Resuscitation techniques

Learning Objectives

The carer will:
1. Understand the principles of first aid
2. Know how to deal with various health
3. Know the principles of CPR and Rescue
4. Understand your legal responsibilities in
    reporting and recording accidents at work


2 hrs in the workplace

Number of people

Maximum of 15

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