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Level 3. Unit 422-335 (HSC 3052) Physiological measurements. Legislation, national guidelines, etc

Author vixen76
Forums Member
#1 | Posted: 16 Apr 2012 17:09
Hi all. What a great forum. My first ever post so please be kind! lol. The question i'm struggling with is. "Describe current legislation,national guidelines,organisational policies and protocols affecting work practice." This is in relation to physiological measurements. I'm not sure how deep I need to go into this. I'm assuming standard precautions, confidentiality, health and safety, safeguarding(??), Health and Social Care Act 2008, Mental Health Act 1983, Safer Moving and Handling, Mental Capacity Act 2005 etc. Does this sound right or am I way off? Thanks in advance.
Author Aunty Sue
Forums Member
#2 | Posted: 17 Apr 2012 09:10
Hi vixen76,

That's right plus Human Rights, Disability Discrimination and Race Relations Acts, the Health and Social Care Act and the Essential Standards and NICE guidelines.

Hope that helps

Aunty Sue
Author vixen76
Forums Member
#3 | Posted: 17 Apr 2012 10:15
Thanks so much that really helps. X
Author bubbleuk
Forums Member
#4 | Posted: 12 Nov 2016 13:18
For this Unit you need to prepare environments and resources so that they are ready for designated clinical/ therapeutic procedures, and to take and record physiological measurements as part of the individualís care plan. Measurements include: blood pressure Ė both by manual and electronic; pulse rates and confirming pulses at a variety of sites e.g. pedal pulses; pulse oximetry; temperature, respiratory rates, peak flow rates; height; weight; body mass index (BMI); girth.

These activities could be done in a variety of care settings, including hospital wards and other departments including out-patients, nursing homes, the individualís own home, GP surgeries etc. The recording of such measurements must take into account the individualís overall condition, and the delegation of these measurements to you may change as the individualís condition changes, and sometimes this skill will fall outside of your role and responsibility. Any adverse conditions may result in other members of the care team undertaking these measurements.
Author bubbleuk
Forums Member
#5 | Posted: 12 Nov 2016 13:22
You need to provide evidence for any option related to your work area.

Appropriate documentation may include: individualís notes; charts.

Appropriately prepared may include: fully charged if electrical; with batteries; clean ear pieces on stethoscopes. Consumables; disposable items (e.g. gowns); notes

Environment may include: reducing noise; ensuring adequate heat, space and light.

Environmental conditions include: temperature; humidity; ventilation; general and directional light levels.

Equipment may include: sphygmomanometers of electronic blood pressure recording devices; stethoscope; thermometers including tympanic membrane sensors; a watch with second hand; pulse oximeter; documentation; charts.

Prepare the individual may include: adjusting clothing; ensure no recent hot /cold drinks or exercise; explanation of procedures.

Prescribed sequence may include: lying and standing blood pressure; respiratory rate before and after medication such as broncho-dilators; temperature after procedures put in place to reduce raised temperature such as fan therapy; removing clothing/bed clothing.

Prescribed time may include: hourly; four hourly; twice daily; daily; weekly; before food; before hot/cold drinks; on return from operating theatre or other treatment/investigation.

Procedures include: routine; specialist.

Resources could be: fixed items of equipment; portable items of equipment; consumables; disposable items (e.g. gowns); notes.

Significant changes may include: collapse; cardiac arrest; bleeding; postural hypotension.

Standard precautions and health and safety measures including handwashing/cleansing before during and after the activity; the use of personal protective clothing and additional protective equipment; handling contaminated items; disposing of waste; safe moving and handling techniques and untoward incident procedures.
Health & Social Care level 2 & 3 Forum W&P Care Training Forums / Health & Social Care level 2 & 3 Forum / Level 3. Unit 422-335 (HSC 3052) Physiological measurements. Legislation, national guidelines, etc
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