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Assignment 204 Abuse

Author strings
Forums Member
#1 | Posted: 27 Apr 2012 21:53
Hello, Can anyone help me with this last question please?
Explain importance of an accessible complaints procedure for reducing likelihood of abuse

I've started my answer but my teacher has asked..think of a patient wanting to complain about someone but having to do it through them

Does anyone know what he means?
Author milly2203
Forums Member
#2 | Posted: 28 Apr 2012 20:15
Hi, eg. Mrs A wants to complain about K but K is the staff member who has been asked to support Mrs A with complaint.
Author jazmeister
Forums Member
#3 | Posted: 29 Apr 2012 20:40
the complaints procedure should be in the companies Policy & Procedures along with the likes of health and safety,risk assessments,medication and such like,also there should be a form ie accident/incident form which you would fill in,You could take the grievence up with a manager who would take a statement and intertveiw the people concerned
Author abbiedani
Forums Member
#4 | Posted: 30 Apr 2012 19:16
hi guys
im really stuck on assignment 204 task b
the question is:

identify two reports on serious failures to protect individuals from abuse. write an account that describes the unsafe practices in the reviews.

i know harold shipman is one but i dont know another and also i dont know how to start it.
Author milly2203
Forums Member
#5 | Posted: 30 Apr 2012 19:25
Hi, Winterbourne View or Stephen Hoskin (google search.)
The link below will take you to Health & Safety Executive website & a particular press release, there are others there too.


This should also give you some ideas on how to begin, eg. briefly outline the case & then describe the unsafe practices that were identified
Author steadysue
Forums Member
#6 | Posted: 30 Apr 2012 20:36
There is a report most weeks in newspapers or on tv on abuse, poor practice. If you have I player watch last week's Panorama. Access CC site for other reports, there are plenty to choose ffrom.
Author bnl kaye
Forums Member
#7 | Posted: 17 Dec 2012 22:41
i can only find the winterbourne report and need 1more does anybody know any or could anybody send me a link plz really struggling tonight thankyou
Author steadysue
Forums Member
#8 | Posted: 18 Dec 2012 16:57
Just google cqc and abuse, there is plenty of information.
This was one that came up
http://www.maidenhead-advertiser.co.uk/News/Areas/Maidenhead/Inspection-revealed-fail ures-at-care-home-for-dementia-sufferers-13122012.htm
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