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Sep 12

Right to Work Update

I know, it’s as bad as Brexit, which is mentioned only because it’s Brexit uncertainties which will see a flurry of activity with regard to Right to Work changes. What is a Right to Work check? These were introduced in the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 which is why it took a lot of […]
Sep 05

Staff Safety when on Duty

Figures obtained earlier in 2019 by the GMB union revealed that UK care workers had suffered more than 6,000 violent attacks that resulted in serious injuries. The data, which was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), found that violent attacks accounted for one third (33%) of reports […]
Aug 27

New Whistle Blowing Protections Being Proposed

MPs are calling for the creation of an independent office to protect whistleblowers after a report found existing UK laws are leaving staff who speak up exposed to abuse by their employers. The paper, published by the all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on whistleblowing, detailed the serious personal and professional costs associated with calling out wrongdoing. […]
Aug 22

Brexit and CQC Compliance

I know, I know, you don’t want to hear, read, or discuss the Brexit ever again! If only. Well, we are in a situation which is changing almost daily. The government is now clearly in preparation for a No Deal exit. In order for your care home or domiciliary agency to remain CQC compliant there […]
Aug 18

The Good Work Plan: Changes that all Health and Social Care employers need to know

The Good Work plan is a Government strategy which aims to improve the quality of work in the U.K.  This will include a wide range of policy and legislative changes that employers, employment agencies and intermediaries need to keep a watchful eye on. In simple terms there are 3 elements to the Good Work Plan: […]
Aug 13

Dols and the need for change

The background to this goes back to 1997 and the Bournemouth judgement. The case involved a man with severe autism and challenging behaviour, living with carers who lacked capacity to decide where he wanted to live. While attending a day centre, his behaviour deteriorated and he was informally admitted to hospital, where he was denied […]
Jul 22

Key Changes to CQC Factual Accuracy Check Guidance

CQC recently implemented changes to the above guidance and in order to comply and meet regulatory requirements, please note that while the overall nature of the guidance is similar, the following changes are important enough to make yourself familiar with them. The changes are made as part of the improvement consultation undertaken by CQC last […]
Jul 19

Looking to start a business in Adult Social Care?

Domiciliary Care Agency Things have changed a lot in the Adult Care sector, with the Care Quality Commission as one of three Regulators across the UK, the others are the Care Inspectorate  Scotland and the Care Inspectorate Wales. It should be easy to get started, but the first and most important questions you need to […]
Jul 05

The importance of managing your policies and procedures

W&P have just launched our First Set of Policies and Procedures for Learning Disability/Supported Living Services in England, to mark this occasion we thought we would share some tips on how to make the best of your policies and procedures. Providers need to ensure they are not going to get caught out by the CQC […]