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Things have changed a lot in the Adult Care sector, with the Care Quality Commission as one of three Regulators across the UK, the others are the Care Inspectorate  Scotland and the Care Inspectorate Wales.

It should be easy to get started, but the first and most important questions you need to ask can save you an awful lot of time.

Setting up a Domiciliary Care Agency.

  • Do you have a business plan.
  • Have you identified a budget.
  • Do you have suitable premises to register with the Regulator.
  • Have you mapped, via your local authority Commissioners, the need for a new business in your local area.
  • This is before you begin to tackle the registration requirements of your regulator!

For the purposes of the next stage, we will assume registration is in England and the regulator is CQC.

Care Quality Commission compliance starts with your application to register as a Provider. The next questions are about you.

Are you suitably qualified, and or experienced, to run the service.

Do you have the skills and competency to manage the service on a day to day service.

Are you mentally fit and able to do so.

If you are confident the answers are yes, then the next stage is to read and familiarise yourself with the the wealth of information available on the CQC website, all of which you can download. The application to register process is electronic, completed online, and submitted via a providers portal which is set up for you to access by CQC.

Care Home Providers.

The registration process is almost the same, with a few caveats to consider, before completing the application.


In order to meet CQC compliance requirements, there are specific guidance documents which are really vital tools in ensuring services are safe.

Infection Control, Safe Staffing levels, Laundry facilities, Garden maintenance and access, Maintenance of Equipment, and all contractual arrangements pertaining to this is a cost which needs to be factored in, even before residents are in situ.

Care home premises are rigorously assessed as part of your registration process, so be very particular when buying a previously owned home. You can access previous reports and ratings via CQC and this will add to your awareness of any recurring themes, good or bad, and refurbishments that have been completed.


This is an ongoing issue for most businesses in the sector, so it is a really good idea to spend some time sourcing a reliable, local recruitment agency who can assist you in making sure staffing levels are maintained. It is always worth checking your agency rates annually and when you are spending with them regularly, negotiating any add on value you can. A good example of this is an agency that supplies a passport for their agency worker, which has all their personal info, DBS Disclosure number, qualifications, Induction and training details etc. all of which can be checked and verified, and saves you time. Remember, continuity is just as important with agency staff, so if you need cover on the same regular shift, there should be no reason why it cannot be covered by the same worker.

How can W&P’s CQC Compliance Consultancy help.

W&P offer support and guidance with this Registration process, taking you through all aspects whilst allowing you to learn with them as the stages are completed. Please visit our Domiciliary Agency Start-up Package for more information.

Find out about all of our CQC Compliance Services here.



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