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Regulatory compliance for your business – Understand, Achieve, Maintain Compliance.

Everything you need

Are you planning on starting a domiciliary care agency, a homecare business or residential service?

If the answer to the above question is YES, then our Business Start Up Package is the ideal solution to help you establish your new service. W&P understands the complexities and challenges of starting up a Health and Social Care business and that’s why we developed the Start-up Package to provide a one stop shop of all the essential tools needed to set up and run a care service, be it residential or domiciliary care. The package includes a full set of policies and procedures, the policy update service, a full set of forms and templates, the employee handbook, the care certificate trainers pack, a staff training pack and 4 hours business support from one of our industry experts to advise, guide and support you through those challenging early days.

Our aim is to help you realise your business objectives from inception through registration and beyond and the Business Start Up package has been designed to be an integral part of helping you to achieve success

The Regulations

Setting up and managing a Health & Social Care business is a huge challenge. The care industry is heavily regulated so you need a trusted partner to help you navigate through the maze of regulation, good governance and good practice guidance. W&P’s products and services are designed to do just that! We offer practical no nonsense and advice and guidance to ensure that your business reaches its potential

Purchase a Domiciliary Business Start-Up Pack now:

Purchase a Residential Business Start-Up Pack now:

£1,600.00 – Purchase Excluding 20% tax
£1,600.00 – Purchase Excluding 20% tax

What’s included in the pack?

The Domiciliary & Residential Business Start-Up Packs Include:

Includes everything necessary for Registration and setting up as a Registered service provider

1. Full set of Domiciliary OR Residential Policies & Procedures (£995.00 excluding vat when purchased separately)

  • These are all referenced to Regulations and written to enable them to be working documents that can be used by all levels of staff.
  • They are in a Microsoft word format making editing easy.
  • The “Managers Notes” identifies the policies that will need some input from the organisation e.g. a local contact address for MCA team.
  • There are clear instructions relating to inserting the organisations own name and logo.

2. All Administration Forms – Management of Medicines, Personnel & Generic Sets (£299.00 when purchased separately)

These forms are designed to complement our policies and procedures and are useful tools to manage you business effectively and evidence compliance to the regulations.

Generic Forms contains: Care Plan & Risk assessment templates etc.

Personnel Forms contains: Applications form, appraisal and supervision templates etc

Medicines contains: Guidance at Levels 1,2&3, covert medication record and risk assessments etc.

3. The Update Service

Health and Social Care is an ever changing industry and keeping up to date with legislation, case law and good practice initiatives is a full time task. W&P’s Policy update service does the hard work for you, allowing you to get on with the task of running your business. Each quarter we scan all the relevant websites and industry publications to ensure we capture the very latest news, developments, emerging topics and legislative changes across the industry and update our policies and procedures accordingly – giving business owners and managers total reassurance that their policies are always up to date.

The update service is free for UP TO ONE YEAR when purchasing the Start Up Package and then if you choose to renew, the annual subscription fee is just £195 ex vat – that’s less than £4 per week for complete peace of mind.

4. Domiciliary Employee Handbook (£110.00 ex vat when purchased separately)

This pack is in 2 sections. The First part is in template form directing the organisation to add their own specific details and indicating specific policies that should be included. The second section includes legal information such as statutory sick and holiday pay plus other organisational information/guidance.
It is a word document that can be fully edited and produced as required.

5. One staff training pack

Our Staff Training Packs are a valuable resource for trainers to deliver their classroom based training. Packs include a Power point Presentation, Knowledge and Evidence workbooks plus a fully editable certificate (£115 ex vat when purchased separately)

6. Four hours of Business Support (£300.00 ex vat when purchased separately)

  • This is support in helping to complete the application form for registration, preparing for the first visit after application and support with being ready to start trading as an organisation in health and social care.
  • The support will be centred on regulatory requirements or tailored to your specific needs.
  • This can be done via the phone or email or a face to face meeting if preferred.

6. The Care Certificate Pack (£416.00 when purchased separately)

Designed as an Aide Memoir for trainers and managers; W&P’s care certificate pack is clearly written and covers all 15 mandatory units. It includes guidance notes for the trainer and observation guidance for the assessor, along with the workbooks for staff to evidence competence.

The start-up package is an excellent and cost effective solution for starting up your care business and you save over £800 if items are purchased separately – Now that’s GOOD Value!.