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Clinical compliance for New and Established Nursing Homes

CQC/CIW/CI Compliance

W&P’s clinical procedures include over 50 comprehensive and up-to-date documents for your nursing home. These clinical procedures compliment the full set of policies and procedures available from W&P.

  • The Clinical Procedures include comprehensive manager’s notes section detailing how best to use them, which pages need the company details inserted and where and how to change them.
  • They are in word format, making them accessible, easy to review and update.
  • Free updates for a year (worth up to £195.00) is included when purchasing a full set.
  • Updates will be emailed to you directly as legislation or guidance requires.
  • No subscription or minimum contract required on purchase.

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Purchase a full set of Clinical Procedures now:

£695.00 – Buy now Excluding 20% tax

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Key Features of our Policies

  • Training resources for all levels of staff covering Care Act 2014 and the Fundamental Standards (Regulations 2014)
  • Care Act 2014 Statement in all relevant policies
  • Comprehensive introduction to the Care Act 2014 for strategic management
  • Care Act 2014 Impact Statements
  • Related Policies – to assist those who have local authority and NHS contracts
  • Free update service for up to 1 year for all new customers
  • Policies reviewed quarterly and updates are sent out to subscribers 
  • Perfect for small to medium sized businesses.
  • Quick and simple to use.
  • Easy to follow manager’s notes detailing how to personalise and adapt the policies.
  • Provided in Microsoft Word format, making them accessible, easy to review and update.
  • Updates are emailed directly to you as legislation or guidance requires.
  • Available to purchase as a complete set or individually
  • No mandatory subscription payment required on purchase.
  • Cross checked to other legislative requirements e.g. Data Protection Act, Immigration and Asylum Act, Disability Discrimination Act.
  • One to one advisors available for all enquiries

The Clinical Procedures Set Includes:

Aseptic Technique
Assessment of Need and Eligibility
Basic Life Support (Bls)
Bariatric Care
Bladder Irrigation
Blood Transfusions and IV Fluids Infusions
Bowel Management
Buccal Midazolam
Care And Support Planning
Catheter Care
Certification / Confirmation of Death
Clinical Governance
Clostridium Difficile Infection Control Guidelines
Collection of Specimens
Confidentiality of Records
Continence Assessment And Promotion
Co-Operating with other Providers
Creutzfield-Jacob Disease
Death of an Individual

End of Life
Epileptic Seizures
Enteral Feeding
Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase (Esbl)
Eye Care
Falls Prevention
Foot Care
Hand Washing
Hiv And Aids
Hydration Management
Infection Control
Isolation Nursing
Measuring Blood Pressure
Measuring Body Temperature
Medication Administration via an Enteral Feeding Tube
Mrsa Infection Control Guidelines
Nasogastric Tube – Intubation
Nasopharyngeal And Oropharyngeal Suction
Nasopharyngeal Wash: Vacuum –Assisted Aspirate Method

Needlestick Injuries
Nutritional And Hydration Needs
Oral Health
Outbreak Of Diarrhoea And Vomiting (Cause Unknown)
Oxygen Therapy And Pulse Oximetry
Personal Protective Equipment
Potentially Violent Individuals
Prevention Of Pressure Sores
Quality Assurance
Rotavirus And Norovirus Infection Control Guidelines
Safe Use Of Bed Rails
Setting Up A Syringe Driver – Mckinley T34
Stoma Care – Stoma Bag Change
Tracheostomy Care
Tracheostomy Ventilator
Urinary Catheterisation
Wound Management

Purchase a full set of Clinical Procedures now:

£695.00 – Buy now Excluding 20% tax