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Residential, Clinical & Domiciliary Services

W & P are committed to continually developing products which directly relate to raising standards within the Health and Social Care sector.

Whether you have just had an inspection or are expecting one, our audits are designed to identify the services compliance against the 2014 Regulations. The audit is structured using the 5 Key Domains for a comprehensive and objective appraisal of how your service is performing.

Auditors are experienced Adult Social Care professionals who are IRCA (International Register of Certificated Auditors) trained and certified. Our auditors come from a range of backgrounds such as Nursing, CQC Inspectors, Business Directors and Local Authority Commissioners who between them have many years of relevant practical hands on experience in the sector.

We understand the challenges faced in the sector and can provide practical advice and guidance during the audit to help Owners & Managers improve their service. Auditors are selected for the Service based on their background and experience of the sector.

Residential Compliance Audits

Our audits are designed to identify the homes compliance against the 2014 Regulations. We use the Fundamental Standards across the 5 Key Domains for a comprehensive and objective appraisal of how your service is performing. Our aim is to be a critical friend providing practical hands on advice during the audit to help Owners & Managers improve their service. Audits are carried out on site during which the Lead Auditor will look for evidence of good practice through observation of records and talking to service users and staff.

The audits can be designed to reflect the needs of your business – whether you need a full broad appraisal or specific focus on one area of the service; you are always in control of how the audit is structured.

The audits last between 1 – 3 days depending on the size of the home. Following the audit, a detailed report is produced which is linked to the regulations and will highlight where the service is failing or requires improvement but also highlights good practice that can be embedded in other parts of the organisation where applicable. The report will detail our recommendations on how to improve the service and gives an indication of where the service would be rated against the 5 key domains in accordance with the CQC measure of Inadequate, Requires Improvement, Good or Outstanding. W&P can provide ongoing support after each audit to ensure providers can improve and reach their full potential.

Clinical Audit for Nursing Homes

Our clinical audits follow the same process as the Residential Audits in terms of its compliance to the Standards and Regulations but with emphasis on the homes clinical governance, nursing processes and procedures. It is important to note that elements of the Residential Audit will also be included.

The audits are carried about by experienced clinicians who are IRCA Lead Auditor Trained and qualified. The Audit will be more focused on the management of medication, invasive techniques, recruitment and ongoing supervision of Nurses from a compliance and continued professional development perspective which supports the re-validation process, along with general observations of clinical practices deployed.

Domiciliary Compliance Audits

The challenges faced by Domiciliary Providers differ to those in a residential setting. Therefore, audits in a community based service take slightly longer because of the dispersed nature of the service. The compliance requirements are the same but in a community setting managing and controlling your service is far more difficult.

The Domiciliary Audits follow the same pattern as the residential with the exception that the auditor will carry out telephone interviews with service users or family members as part of the evidence gathering process to compare how the service is being delivered against the five key domains of Safe, Effective, Responsive, Caring and Well Led.

Key Features of W&P Compliance Audits

  • Duration 1-3 day’s dependent of size of the organisation
  • Can be announced or unannounced
  • Single or Multi Site
  • Can be focused on a specific issue or combination of issues
  • System based desktop audits available
  • Audits carried out by IRCA Trained Lead Auditors
  • Audits consist of inspection of records, observation, staff and user/patient interviews
  • Audits are tailored to the type of service (Residential, Clinical & Domiciliary)
  • A detailed written report is issued following the audit
  • Ongoing post audit support available to drive through change and improve services

W&P can also audit your quality management systems in accordance with ISO European standards. We can also provide advice and support on how to prepare and attain the ISO9001 quality accreditation.

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