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Our CQC support services are specifically designed to assist you in meeting, understanding and maintaining compliance with the CQC. They are aimed at owners of small to medium sized businesses who need to carry out a strategic review of the business but are prevented from doing so because of the the pressures of managing a complex care service.

Our services keep you up to date with current and expected changes in legislative and regulatory requirements and assists in growth and development plans for the future. We can provide business support on a 1:1 basis or via telephone/email support. We are always happy to help and often provide quick and impartial advice over the phone to our customers which they tell us is a valuable and trusted resource.

CQC Compliance Products and Services

The Regulations 1st April 2015

On 1 April 2015 new regulations came into force regarding health and social care in England. These regulations form the basis of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection regime.

Purpose of the Changes

  • To introduce fundamental standards
  • To make regulations more effective and improve enforcement against them
  • To be outcome focused
  • To reduce the burden on business.

Our Response

W & P took the decision to track these changes from their earliest stage in order to understand, assimilate and interpret all of the legislative and regulatory requirements arising from the new regulations.

The legislation needs to be understood so that providers can develop their processes and systems to meeting the regulations It is important to understand that these changes are ongoing through 2016‒2017 and beyond.

Specific Guidance such as the Code of Practice for Health and Adult Social Care on the Prevention and Control of Infections and Related Guidance which has been issued by the Department of Health in relation to Regulation 12 Safe Care and Treatment, is included where relevant in all our business support services and products.

W&P launched its Welsh Policies and Procedures in 2016 for both Domiciliary and Residential Care Services. Policies are available individually or as a complete set – when you buy the complete set you get our popular update service free for up to a year (worth £234.00). As the new regulations are developed in Wales, the update service will prove to be a valuable resource in ensuring your policies and procedures reflects the very latest legislation.