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CQC compliance for Residential Care Home Services

Over 140 Policies and Procedures for Residential Services that meet all the legislation in England.

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Key Features of our Policies & Procedures

Training resources for all levels of staff covering Care Act 2014 and New Fundamental Standards

Policies reviewed quarterly, updates where required and evidenced for CQC

Comprehensive introduction to the Care Act 2014 for strategic management

Care Act 2014 Impact Statements

Related Policies – to assist those who have local authority or NHS contracts

Free update service for up to a year for all new customers

Care Act 2014 Statement in all relevant policies

Perfect for small to medium sized businesses.

Quick and simple to use.

Easy to follow manager’s notes detailing how to personalise and adapt the policies.

Provided in word format, making them accessible, easy to review and update when required.

Updates are emailed directly to you as legislation or guidance requires.

Available to purchase as a complete set or individually

No mandatory subscription payment required on purchase.

Cross checked to other legislative requirements e.g. Data Protection Act, Immigration and Asylum Act, Disability Discrimination Act.

One to one advisors available for all enquiries

The Residential Policies & Procedures Set Includes:

Access to Records and Files
Accessible Information and Communication (including Statement)
Accidents, Incidents and Emergencies Reporting [RIDDOR]
Adult Safeguarding
Advance Care Planning
Alcohol and Drugs
Assessment of Need and Eligibility
Autonomy and Independence
Bariatric Care
Basic Life Support
Bribery and Corruption
Bullying and Harassment
Business Contingency and Emergency Planning
Care and Support Planning
Challenging Behaviour, Violence and Aggression
Clinical Governance Statement
Code of Conduct for Workers
Communicable Infections Management
Compliance Principles
Compliments (Listening and Learning)
Conflict of Interest
Continuity of Care for Support Worker
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
Co-operating with other Providers
Corporate Social Responsibility
Cyber Security
Data Protection Legislative Framework (GDPR)
Dementia Care
Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
Dignity and Respect
Direct Payments
Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and (DBS) Referral
Display Screen Equipment
Dress Code
Duty of Candour
End of Life
Environmental and Waste Management
Equal Opportunities
Equality and Diversity
Falls Prevention
Female Genital Mutilation
Financial Irregularities
Fire Safety
First Aid
Fit and Proper Persons – Directors
Freedom of Information
Gifts and Legacies
Good Governance
Grievance (Staff)
Handling of Residents Money
Health and Safety and Statement of Intent
Hot Water and Surfaces
Ill Treatment Wilful and Neglect
Infection Control
Internet, Email and Mobile Phone
Isolation Procedure
Maternity, Paternity, Adoption and Shared Leave
Medical Devices
Meeting Needs
Mental Capacity Act 2005
Missing Persons
Modern Slavery
Monitoring and Accountability
Moving and Handling
MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus)
Nurse Revalidation
Nutrition, Hydration and Food Safety
Oral Health
Personal Budgets
Person Centred Planning
Personal Safety and Lone Working
Pest Control
Position of Trust
Positive Behavioural Support
Premises, Environment and Resources
Prevention of Pressure Ulcer
Professional Boundaries
Promoting Continence
Protective Clothing and Equipment
Range of Services and the Limits to Responsibility
Record Keeping
Recruitment and Selection
Recruitment of Volunteers
Redundancy, Redeployment and Retirement
Relatives Friends and Carers
Religion and Belief
Resident’s Contract
Responsive Service
Risk Assessment
Safeguarding Children in an Adult Setting
Safe Use of Bed Rails
Sensory Impairment
Sepsis Awareness
Service Improvement Plan
Social Inclusion
Social Media and Public Relations
Staff General Welfare and Facilities
Staff Working Night
Stress Management
Temperature Control
Termination of Care Services
Training, Development and Qualifications
Young People and Employment

The Full Set of Policies includes the following Form Templates worth £299!

Generic Forms

Care Plan & Risk Assessment templates etc.

This is all you will need to get your service started in terms of care planning, risk assessment and general management processes. The forms are designed to cover all the mandatory standards required in the Fundamental Standards.

View list of forms

  1. About me
  2. Accident/Incident Record
  3. Adult Safeguarding Investigation Log
  4. Assessment of Need (Care Home)
  5. Assessment of Need (Domiciliary)
  6. Attendance Record Diary
  7. Care Plan for a Person with Type 1 Diabetes
  8. Care Plan for a Person with Type 2 Diabetes
  9. Care Plan Template (Care Home)
  10. Care Plan Template (Domiciliary)
  11. Care Review Template (Care Home)
  12. Care Review Template (Domiciliary)
  13. Care Transfer form
  14. Complaint Acknowledgement Letter
  15. Complaint Investigation Findings Letter
  16. Complaint Investigation Record
  17. Complaints Log
  18. Compliments Log
  19. Confirmation of Service Letter (Domiciliary)
  20. Confirmation of Service Letter (Care Home)
  21. Consent to Care and Treatment Form
  22. Contract Residential Self Funder
  23. Financial Transaction Form
  24. IPC Lead – Annual Statement Proforma
  25. Quality Assurance Questionnaire “Annual”( Care Home)
  26. Quality Assurance Questionnaire “Annual”(Domiciliary)
  27. Quality Assurance Questionnaire “First Response”(Care Home)
  28. Quality Assurance Questionnaire “First Response”(Domiciliary)
  29. Quality Assurance Questionnaire “Health Professionals”
  30. Quality Assurance Questionnaire “Internal Staff”
  31. Quality Assurance Questionnaire “Random”(Care Home)
  32. Quality Assurance Questionnaire “Random”(Domiciliary)
  33. Record of Gifts Form
  34. Risk Assessment Template: Choking
  35. Risk Assessment Template: COSHH
  36. Risk Assessment Template: Falls
  37. Risk Assessment Template: Infection Control (Domiciliary)
  38. Risk Assessment Template: Infection Control (Care Home)
  39. Risk Assessment Template: Moving and Handling (Domiciliary)
  40. Risk Assessment Template: Moving and Handling (Care Home)
  41. Risk Assessment Template: Premises – Office
  42. Risk Assessment Template: Premises – Service User
  43. Risk Assessment Template: Promoting Positive Behaviour
  44. Risk Assessment Template: Transport
  45. Service Users Contract (Domiciliary)
  46. Service Users Notes (Domiciliary)
  47. Staff Medication Monitoring (Care Home)
  48. Statement of Purpose & Service User/ Residents Guide
  49. Telephone Log
  50. Terms of Business

Personnel Forms

Application forms & Appraisal templates etc.

This is all you will need to get started Recruiting and Selecting staff. It provides evidence of CQC requirements under Schedule 3. It includes Spot Checks, Supervision and Appraisal records.

View list of forms

  1. Applicants’ Guide
  2. Application Form
  3. Appraisal Record
  4. Back to Work Interview Form
  5. Equal Opportunity Policy
  6. Index for Care Worker Office File
  7. Interview Assessment Evidence
  8. Job Description
  9. Letter of Concern for Staff – Sample 1
  10. Letter of Concern for Staff – Sample 2
  11. Letter of Concern for Staff – Sample 3
  12. Person Specification
  13. Reference Request
  14. Spot Checks – Care Home
  15. Spot Checks – Domiciliary
  16. Spot Checks New Staff – Care Home
  17. Spot Checks New Staff – Domiciliary
  18. Staff Consent
  19. Successful Applicant Letter
  20. Supervision Contract
  21. Supervision Record
  22. Vacancy Enquiry Form
  23. Verbal Reference Notes
  24. Written Statement of Employment Template

Medication Management Forms

Blank Mar Charts & Risk Assessment templates

This is all you will need to manage medicines safely and effectively. These forms are intended for use as templates which can be easily changed and updated as required. The manager’s notes for this particular set are detailed and the forms are numbered so that the wrong form cannot be used.

View list of forms

  1. Level 1 – General Support
  2. Level 2 – Administering
  3. Level 3 – Specialised Techniques
  4. Risk Assessment
  5. List of Medicines
  6. Homely Remedies
  7. Consent to Administer
  8. PRN as Required Medication
  9. MAR Charts/PRN
  10. Collect from Pharmacy
  11. Disposal Record
  12. Level 3 Training Record
  13. Error Guidance
  14. Error Report Form
  15. Staff Signature List
  16. Audit Tool
  17. Controlled Drug Guidance
  18. Medication Policy
  19. Medication Refrigerator (Care Home)
  20. Residential Medication Policy
  21. Return to Pharmacy (Care Home)
  22. Vaccination List

W&P’s Policies and Procedures are produced in accordance with the following …

The Health and Social Care Act 2008

The Care Act 2014

The Fundamental Standards (Regulations) 2014

Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2014

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Policies and Procedures – Free Updates

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The update service is FREE for up to a year when you purchase a full set of Policies and Procedures and to continue with the service it’s just £195.00 (ex vat) per YEAR thereafter. There are no ties, restrictions or contracts – flexibility and choice is our objective. Let W&P do the hard work for you to ensure your Policies and Procedures are always up to date.

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